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Some of the Rules Debt Collectors Must Follow:

  • No calls at unusual times or places.
  • No calls at work if it is known that your employer prohibits such calls.
  • No repeated or continuous calls to annoy, abuse, or harass you.
  • No communication with anyone besides you, your lawyer, or a consumer reporting agency.
  • No threats of violence.
  • No threats to harm your reputation by criminal means.
  • No use of obscene language.
  • No false claims that your failure to pay will result in your arrest or imprisonment.
  • No threats to communicate false credit information.
  • No threats to take away property without court action, when there is no right to do so.



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If you have been victimized by abusive, deceptive or unfair debt collection practices you may be entitled to monetary damages under a federal law called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”). Please read through our “know your rights” section to learn more about the FDCPA.

If you believe your FDCPA rights have been violated by a debt collector fill out and send us our case evaluation form to see about hiring my law office to enforce your rights. My office is located in Spokane, Washington.

How Does My Law Office Earn Attorney Fees on FDCPA Cases

If your FDCPA case is successful the court may require the debt collector to pay your reasonable attorney’s fees. If my office takes your case you will not have to pay anything out of your pocket for your attorney fees.

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